This is how you create a video care visit on MilkNotes

Click visits from the left menu. Choose whether the visit is with a new or existing client. Pick the date and time and then select video care from the dropdown list of locations.

VideoCare is compatible with any web enabled device. iOS devices must use their native safari browser for VideoCare to work properly, we recommend chrome for all other devices.

Up to ten minutes before your scheduled visit time, log in to MilkNotes and find your visit. Click the VideoCare button on the top right side of the chart. Follow the prompts to make sure your device is working properly and then enter the room.

The video window can be minimized, expanded, and moved around to flow seamlessly during your charting process. You can can also navigate to any section of the visit while still being able to view your client in the video window. When you’re finished with your visit, click the small x and it will end the call for both you and your client.

This is a glimpse into the MilkNotes Pro features that you can use to manage your lactation practice

  • VideoCare is a fully integrated and secure video experience. Create a VideoCare visit and come back the the video room up to 10 minutes before your visit time to check that your device is connected properly. The video window can be minimized, expanded, and moved around to flow seamlessly during your charting process.
  • Secure messaging allows you to have HIPAA compliant communication with your clients. Open up the visit your message is regarding and click message on the top right side of the app. MilkNotes will notify your client that they have a secure message waiting for them in their parent portal.
  • The rental pump tracker lets you easily manage your rental pump equipment. Whether your pump has been issued, being serviced, in stock, due to be returned, or retired, you can now have the peace of mind knowing where your rental equipment is.
  • e-fax lets you electronically fax your patient’s care plan to their medical care provider. Open up the medical report that needs to be faxed and you’ll find the fax button on the top left side of the report.

Look for more in depth tutorials of each of the MilkNotes Pro features.

This is how to set up google authenticator with MilkNotes

Download the google authenticator app from your devices app store.

Next log into MilkNotes. If you haven’t created a MilkNotes account yet, watch our how to get started with MilkNotes tutorial.

From the menu select account and then my profile.

At the bottom of this page there is an option to switch to Google Authenticator. Select the switch button.

At this point you can use google authenticator to either scan the QR code or enter the code provided manually.

Once you’ve added MilkNotes to your authentication list, copy the six digit code provided and navigate back to MilkNotes. Paste the code into the field at the bottom and click submit code.

It’s as simple as that! Now you can quickly and securely copy and paste the code from google authenticator every time you log in to MilkNotes.

Here’s how you create a MilkNotes visit

Log in to MilkNotes on any web enabled device.

You can quickly create a visit by selecting the new visit button right on your dashboard.

On the next page select if your client is new or existing.

For an existing client simply select their name from the drop down list. Now fill in the appointment date and time, the visit type, and then click submit.

For a new client, fill in their name, email, the appointment date and time, and the visit type.

Selecting the option to send your client a parent portal registration link allows them to fill in their profile information before the visit and access their care plan after the visit.

Click “save visit” and you’re ready start adding information about your client right away.

Here’s how you get started with MilkNotes!

Navigate to the MilkNotes website. Click the 30 days free button located on the top right hand side of the menu. On the log in page click the, "New, Sign Up here" link at the bottom. On the next page, choose the plan that’s right for you. Enter your information and click next. You will receive a link from MilkNotes in your email to verify your account. Click the link and then navigate back to the MilkNotes log in page. Log in using the same email and password you used to sign up, on the next page you’ll be prompted to either set up google authentication or text authentication. Select one and follow the simple prompts with either option to verify your identify. Voila! You are now securely logged in and ready to start using MilkNotes.

Well the time has finally come!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the reinvigoration of MilkNotes. We’ve implemented new branding that is friendlier and more approachable, but that’s not the most exciting news!

Say hello to MilkNotes Pro. We’ve included more features to make running your practice as efficient as possible. New MilkNotes Pro seamlessly integrates secure messaging, e-faxing, rental pump tracking, and embedded VideoCare consultations. That’s right, everything is built right into the web app and works flawlessly together. To top it all off, MilkNotes Pro is affordably priced compared to our competitors. For similar services you would pay $80-$130 per month. MilkNotes Pro offers these premium features and unlimited encounters for only $49 per month (payed annually) or $59 monthly! Unbeatably priced and still the only lactation specific app that works on any web enabled device*.

To see the new updates, log out of MilkNotes, exit your browser, relaunch your browser, and log back in. Voila! A fresh new MilkNotes face will be smiling back at you.

Click here to view the new promo video and get a taste of the new features and work flow.

Once again, a special thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us. We will continue to listen to your suggestions, implement improvements, and integrate more features in the future. Like us on facebook and feel free to join our new user group for more helpful information.

Try it 30 days Free!