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What Is MilkNotes

MilkNotes is the inspiration of Elizabeth Flight, a nurse and Lactation Consultant for over 30 years. MilkNotes simplifies the repetitive tasks so that LCs can put more focus on their care for parents and babies.

Security is of utmost importance and that’s why we used the latest technologies to meet and exceed HIPAA/GDPR compliance requirements.

Over 3 decades of LC experience, 100’s hours of design, and countless recommendations from people just like you to create the fastest, easiest way to streamline your LC business. An EHR designed by LCs, specifically for LCs.

Whether you are veteran of IBLCE, or just getting started, MilkNotes will make your business easier and fun! Try MilkNotes FREE for 30 days and see for yourself!


MilkNotes is a HIPAA/GDPR compliant EHR designed specifically for LCs. You decide how simple or complex your charts are with dynamic fields and templates. Here are just a few of the features of MilkNotes.

Portable Charting

  • Customized charting template
  • Dynamic Dictionary – terms are remembered for next use
  • Type and go – all data saved automatically

Parent Portal

  • Parent completes all intake details online
  • Parent access to LC recommended resources
  • Parent access to Care Plan & Referrals

Secure Messaging

Communicate with parent while maintaining HIPAA compliance


Electronically fax Care Plan and Medical Report within the web app.


  • True Embedded VideoCare™ – video conveniently displayed inside your MilkNotes WebApp
  • No 3rd party plugins
  • No 3rd party apps to install
  • No juggling multiple windows
  • Enter charting details while viewing parent

Any Device any Platform

MilkNotes can be used on a multitude of platforms and devices:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smart Phone
  • Mac or PC

Our Story

The decision for putting our private practice lactation chart in an electronic format occurred in 2011 while Elizabeth Flight (“Liz”), was completing her BSN at Hampton University.  One of her  computer classes included Microsoft Access and the concept of building a database was born!  So much of what we write is repetitive and the goal was to find a way to reduce the amount of time it took to chart a visit.  Initially we were trying to find a way to adapt the one-page form that Liz developed over the last 25 years to a database with dropdowns.   

The goals were to make a program that would be user friendly, specific to outpatient lactation providers everywhere, on a mobile platform with storage capabilities in the cloud, and was customizable for each consultant whether they used IOS/Apple or Android. The process has been trial and error and included a painful search for the right people who could turn the vision into a functional product.  We finally found the right team of programmers. We are adding  more functionality faster and we have achieved our best design yet!  We’re excited that it meets your needs and your practice will grow! 

Special thanks go to Angela Love-Zaranka for being such a good friend and sounding board throughout this process and to Lillian Davis for always having my back and keeping me focused over this 6 year journey. 


I am loving MilkNotes. Liz just spent an hour with me giving me a tutorial of the App. It is very easy to use. I have been taking notes on paper during consults and then spending too much time typing up a report to send to MD. I think this will simplify my life. Thank you Liz! I am a fan.

Lynn Thiebaud

MilkNotes is wonderful! I love the easy charting and automatic doctor report. MilkNotes is increasing my efficiency and reducing my charting time. Liz and her team are very responsive to questions and providing assistance when needed. Thank you!

Kara Nellor Sunderland

I just want to applaud Liz Flight for her amazing work on creating a charting program for LC’s. She spent over an hour giving me a tour of the program and even giving me tips for my new practice. We need more brave, helpful, kind, servant leaders like Liz in this world.

Naiomi Catron

Excellent customer service and feedback. I really appreciate the personal phone conversation I had today with Liz, and her tech support team is great! I like this product because i’t has great functionality out of the box and is intuitive to learn. A slow learner can poke around and find what they need, and someone who can adopt new things easily can whip through it. It has a beautiful layout and any IBCLC will be able to easily tell that IBCLCs had a hand in every part of this. It’s set up from the start for how we work instead of other systems which are adapted from other providers to us. Liz is very open to suggestions and making changes that open up options for the unique ways we each think and practice. I would recommend this product to any IBCLC!

Christine Staricka

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