Quick & Easy Lactation Consultant App

MilkNotes has been designed by leading lactation consultants with a focus on ease of use and portability for on-the-go use. This modern tool makes tracking customers and  gathering visitation details a breeze!

Any Device

Have a home visit and don’t want to lug around your laptop? No problem! MilkNotes™ can be used on tablets and mobile phones in addition to desktops and laptops! In today’s ever-changing technology, MilkNotes™ gives you the flexibility you need to run your practice cleanly and efficiently.

HIPAA Compliant

Our infrastructure is designed to store healthcare data efficiently. Be prepared for the digital world while remaining in touch with your patients. MilkNotes™ boasts the latest technologies crafted to store your medical records securely. Our platform keeps your records backed up while providing you access when you need information.

Unlimited Storage

MilkNotes™ is designed on a flexible platform that grows with your practice. It ensures that you can build your patient base and never outgrow your medical record system. MilkNotes™ takes you beyond spreadsheets and paper forms. We give you the freedom to grow with mobility. 

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A Labor Of Love

The decision for putting our private practice lactation chart in an electronic format occurred in 2011 while I was completing my BSN at Hampton University.  One of my computer classes included Microsoft Access and the concept of building a database was born!  So much of what we write is repetitive and my goal was to find a way to reduce the amount of time it took to chart a visit.  Initially we were trying to find a way to adapt the one-page form that I developed over the last 25 years to a database with dropdowns.   

The goals were to make a program that would be user friendly, specific to outpatient lactation providers everywhere, on a mobile platform with storage capabilities in the cloud, and was customizable for each consultant whether they used IOS/Apple or Android. The process has been trial and error and included searching for the people who could turn the vision into a functional product.  We’ve been through 4 iterations, three different teams of programmers, and there is more functionality that we want to add, but this is our best design yet!  Hopefully it meets your needs and your practice will grow with ours! 

Special thanks go to Angela Love-Zaranka for being such a good friend and sounding board throughout this process and to Lillian Davis for always having my back and keeping me focused over this 6 year journey.